An Introduction into American Law & Mock Trial

In cooperation with the 21st Theater Support Command of the US Forces, Ramstein Air Base, the Europa-Institut offers a Comparative Law Introduction to the legal system of the USA and the Rule of Evidence in American Courts with the title "An Introduction into American Law & Mock Trial". 

After the introduction, there is a mock trial where the participants have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge. Mock Trials are simulated court proceedings for teaching and training purposes which should correspond to a real situation as much as possible. They are very common in English-speaking countries. In the U.S., Mock Trials take place during many stages of legal training, often in a competitive way. The focus is on practical relevance, exercise and the understanding of procedural problems as well as the acquisition of basic skills which will be relevant later on during the professional life. In our Mock Trial, the participants will take on the roles of witnesses, lawyers or jury-members.