Erasmus+ Internship:

Under Erasmus+, you can complete an internship in another European country and receive financial support. It does not matter if it is a compulsory or a voluntary internship. An internship for students at the Europa-Institut is possible after graduation. However, the internship must be completed within one year of graduation. You must also apply within the last year before graduation. Therefore, you must apply while you are still enrolled.

What are the advantages of an internship with Erasmus+?

  • You sign an EU internship contract with Saar University and the company.
  • Your achievements during the internship abroad will be recognized (e.g. entry in the Diploma Supplement, EURO-PASS, ECTS).
  • You will receive financial support.
  • You will receive support in preparing your internship.
  • You will be accompanied during the internship by contact persons at Saar University and in the company.

What else do I need to know?

  • The program does not include the placement of internships. You have to look for and organize your internship yourself.
  • You can also receive multiple funding.
  • Teaching assistantships are funded as internships.

Details on the funding amount and duration can be found here.


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International Internships

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Dr. Maria CristinaSparapani-Pelster
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