European Summer Course 2024 #TacklingCurrentWorldCha(lle)nges


Come and join us for an academically demanding and wide-ranging program and experience the atmosphere of an international seminar!


The European Summer Course 2024 #TacklingCurrentWorldCha(lle)nges will take place from 29 July to 07 August 2024 at the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen.

#TacklingCurrentWorldCha(lle)nges deals with a broad range of important political, legal and economic developments of today’s European Union.

The European Summer Course is organized by the Europa-Institut in cooperation with European Academy OtzenhausenASKO Europa-Stiftung and the trans-European higher education alliance Transform4Europe and includes visits to Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Trier and Saarbrücken!

This year's summer course will deal with: The European Integration | The EU Institutions and its decision-making process | EU legislation process | EU External Relations | The EU neighbourhood policy | Conflict Management in the 21st century |Populism, Nationalism and Diversity | Human Rights and their protection | Equality and Diversity | Societal Computing | The Future of the EU

Deadline for applications has passed. It is unfortunately no longer possible to apply for the European Summer Course 2024.

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You will meet renowned international experts in European law, politics and economics. The lecturers are academics or practitioners and will give you an inside view of the EU.

Young, active and open-minded people (esp. Bachelor-, Master- and PhD- students / young professionals) with a strong interest in the European Union and its current challenges are invited from all fields of study and from all over the world.

Different teaching methods will be used such as:

  • lectures and discussions
  • professionally designed workshops and simulations
  • field trips to Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Trier and Saarbrücken

Participants will receive a certificate of participation.

  • Luxembourg: European Court of Justice
  • Strasbourg: European Court of Human Rights, European Parliament, Council of Europe
  • Trier: Germany's Oldest City
  • Celtic Wall in Otzenhausen
  • Saarbrücken: Day at the Europa-Institut

The participation fee is 990 Euro. This includes program fee, field trips (to Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Trier and Saarbrücken), full board (all meals) and lodging during the duration of the Summer Course. It does not cover travel expenses to/from Otzenhausen.

For students of Saarland University and of Universities of the Transform4Europe Alliance, it is possible to apply for a scholarship to partially cover the costs for the ESC 2024.

Scholarship recipients are selected based on the professional quality and interest of the applicants.

Note: There are also special conditions available for students at Saarland University. Please contact esc(at) for further information!

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