Erasmus+ Study

You have the possibility to study with us at the Europa-Institut of Saarland University for a period of 6 months (1 semester). However, please note that the following two points from the factsheet for studying at the Europa-Institut are different:

  •     We have our own course catalog for Erasmus+ students from which
        you can exclusively choose.
  •     We also have a different academic calendar than the regular one,
        which is why the start of studies might differ from Saarland
        University. Current information on our application procedure can be found here.

In addition, you can also use the Erasmus+ Study Mobility as an opportunity to write your Master's thesis or dissertation at the Europa-Institut.


Dr. Mareike Fröhlich
International Cooperations & Projects
Campus B2.1, 1st floor

Regi Salataj
Coordination Master Program

Dr. Maria Cristina Sparapani-Pelster
Erasmus Plus Coordinator



Erasmus+ Study

After successful completion of the LL.M. program at the Europa-Institut, the students start working on their Master's thesis. This can also be written at a university in one of the program countries within the framework of Erasmus+.

Or also at a university in one of the cooperation countries with the Europa-Institut that can be found via the UdS Move on interface.

What are the advantages of studying with Erasmus+?

  •     You are exempt from the sometimes quite high tuition fees.
  •     You will receive financial support.
  •     You will receive support in preparing your stay.
  •     Your achievements at the host university will be recognized.
  •     Special funds are available for students with disabilities, as well as
        for students with children.

Information and advice

Your contact person for the ERASMUS+ program is Fabienne Adolphe, Erasmus+ coordinator in the International Office. During her office hours, she will be happy to explain the opportunities offered by a stay abroad with Erasmus+ and advise you on general and administrative questions.


Fabienne Adolphe
International Office
Erasmus+ and European Programs
Campus Saarbrücken
Building A4 4, Room 2.22
Phone: +49 681 302-71107
Fax: +49 681 302-71101

Office hours for outgoings

    Monday, 10:30-12:30
    Thursday, 14-15 h
    Please sign up in the list next to room 2.22.

Faculty of Law
Dr. Maria Cristina Sparapani-Pelster
Erasmus+ Coordinator