The history of the Europa-Institut

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Europa-Institut, a special volume of the Zeitschrift für Europarechtliche Studien (ZEuS) has been published and is now available from Nomos. The special volume contains 14 contributions in German and English on current topics in European and international law, especially in the areas of business law, human rights protection, and international dispute resolution. The contributions were written by lecturers at the Europa-Institut and cover a wide range of topics, such as regional integration in Southeast Asia, counterclaims in investment protection proceedings, global taxation, the realization of social human rights through access to information, and borderless Europe in times of pandemic.

The first contribution of the special volume, which is available in both German and English, was written by the two editors and directors of the Europa-Institut, Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich and Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg. This article deals, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary, with the yesterday, today and tomorrow of the Europa-Institut and is published under the title "The Europa Institut: 70 years of scientific companion of the European integration process as "crown and symbol" of Saarland University".

The article about the full history of the Europa-Institut can be accessed here in full length.


The Europa-Institut around the world

Since its foundation in 1951, the Europa-Institut has established itself as an excellent institution for education and research in European and international law.
It relies on a worldwide network of partners in the academic and business worlds as well as in political practice.

For several years now, the Europa-Institut has been active in international projects through its research and teaching. In all of its projects, the Europa-Institut concentrates on the multifaceted aspects of European and international law – from human rights to international economic law to the challenges of European Integration – and is working intensively on interdisciplinary perspectives.

In addition to focusing on South Eastern Europe, the Europa-Institut is extending its activities to the EU's neighboring regions and strengthening its focus on the areas of raw materials, raw material law and policy. 

Cooperation with International Universities

The Europa-Institut cooperates with numerous law faculties from international universities and has thereby established an international network with universities from all over the world. The cooperation with the SEELS network led to an intensification of the Europa-Institut's Balkan focus; also, cooperation with universities in Asia has been further developed. Moreover, the Europa-Institut is a member of the transnational consortium TACEUSS (Trans-Atlantic Consortium for European Union Simulations and Studies), which holds an annual simulation of the European decision- making processes (EuroSim).

There is a close cooperation with the economic department of the institution, which offers the MBA program “European Management”. Every year, several selected students from our study program are able to attend lectures from the MBA program. As of winter semester 2011, the Europa-Institut introduced a special certificate “Europäisches und Internationales Recht (EIus)” for students who are enrolled at the law faculty at Saarland University. The certificate offers students an additional qualification in the areas of European and international law. The opportunity to attend selected lectures of the program is also offered to students participating in the Erasmus program and students from non-European countries (overseas students). The Europa-Institut and the Centre Juridique Franco-Allemand (CJFA) jointly offer selected German and French students of the CJFA the possibility to take courses at the Europa-Institut already during their undergraduate studies. Via the “Collegium Europaeum Universitatis Saraviensis” (CEUS), a joint academic institution of several faculties, institutes and institutions at Saarland University, students are offered the possibility to participate in lectures, conferences and meetings organized by CEUS.

The activities of the Europa-Institut are supported by a number of friends and supporters of the Europa-Institut, which provide financial support, grant scholarships, or help in planning educational trips. These include, for instance, the ASKO Europa-Foundation, the Herman and Dr. Charlotte Deutsch Foundation, the Prof.-Dr.-Osthoff Foundation, the StudienStiftungSaar, the Union Foundation, the Villa Lessing Liberal Foundation e.V., the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the European Commission as well as the Alumni Association of the Europa-Institut EVER e.V.

The Europa-Institut also cooperates with administrative entities of Saarland. It is committed to the judicial traineeship (Referendarausbildung) and offers executive trainings in European law to employees of Saarland ministries. The Europa-Institut also has close ties to business companies and international law firms.