Online Global Classroom 2024

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The Europa-Institut offers its third Online Global Classroom in the Summer Semester 2024.

From 2 May 2024, the Europa-Institut will initiate its third Global Classroom as part of the Master's program "International and European Law". This interactive course will run until the end of June 2024 and will comprise approximately 6-7 sessions of 2 hours each, dealing intensively with the topic of "Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights". The Global Classroom, as its name suggests, offers a virtual classroom that is accessible not only to students of the Europa-Institut, but also to students of our partner universities, especially within the European University Alliance "Transform4Europe".

The aim is to connect students and lecturers worldwide and give them the opportunity to study and exchange ideas in an international environment. Within this Global Classroom, the technical foundations of artificial intelligence and its legal framework will be covered in detail. The challenges of artificial intelligence will be addressed, such as potential discrimination by algorithms, data protection issues and the legal classification of autonomous weapons in international humanitarian law. 


  •  Introduction into AI and Human Rights - General Overview  
  • Automated Inequalities: Opportunities and Risks of Using AI in Decision-Making
  • The AI-Act and Human Rights 
  • How to protect privacy in a datafied society?
  • Autonomous weapons systems in armed conflicts
  • AI challenges in the field of intellectual property law

At the end of the course, there will be an exam.The course is recognized with 1.5 credit points. Furthermore a “Certificate of Participation” will be issued.  

Please find the program with all dates here. The registration link has been closed, registrations are unfortunately no longer possible.