Seminar on international and European law in summer semester 2024: “Multilateralism & Integration - How Is the Rules-based Order Faring?”

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The seminar on international and European law in the summer semester 2024 took place at the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen and offered the participants, who were mainly students of the Master's program (LL.M.) of the Europa-Institut, an intensive academic experience and the opportunity to network and exchange ideas in an inspiring environment. The joint outward and return journey to Otzenhausen formed the framework for the start and end of the seminar.  

On Friday morning, the participants gathered at Saarland University at 8.30 a.m. to travel together to the European Academy in Otzenhausen. The journey provided an opportunity for informal discussions and preparation for the upcoming discussions. 

All participants were to present their seminar papers in a 15-minute talk during the seminar. Each presentation was followed by a joint discussion.  

The first day began with a presentation by a participant on improving the legal situation in Hungary and provided the perfect prelude to lively discussions among the participants, the Chair's staff and Professor Giegerich. This was followed by a number of presentations and discussions on European law topics, such as the restriction of minority rights through constitutional identity, EU sanctions against Russia and the foreign policy of the European Union.  

Current problems in international law were also examined, such as the legal dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan before the ICJ and the ECtHR or the question of the status of Kosovo under international public law. The students expanded their knowledge of complex legal aspects, especially on current issues.  

After an informative day, some participants decided to go on an early evening hike to the nearby Celtic Wall to explore their surroundings and enjoy nature. After returning from the hike, all participants gathered for a joint dinner. This was followed by a traditional game of skittles on the Academy's premises, which contributed to an entertaining and sociable atmosphere and strengthened the group dynamics. 

The discussions continued on the second day, focusing on the current conflict between Israel and Palestine. The topic was analyzed by the participants from different perspectives, various legal problems were identified and possible solutions were discussed. 

After the official program, the participants enjoyed lunch together, where they shared their impressions and insights and then travelled back to Saarbrücken together. During the journey back to Saarbrücken, they reflected on the discussions and findings of the seminar and exchanged their thoughts and impressions. 

All in all, the seminar on international and European law in the summer semester 2024 not only provided the participants with an intellectually stimulating experience, but also an opportunity for networking and exchange.