Prof. Dr. Darko Samardžić

Professor at the University of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Darko Samardžić studied law at the University of Hamburg with focus on European and International Law. Afterwards, he completed his post graduate studies in commercial law.
In parallel he worked as research associate at the University of Hamburg with focus on East European Law and for a member of the State Parliament of Hamburg on urban development and inner security.
In 2007 he started to work as legal counsel for a German technology and stock exchange company with focus on economic and company law. In the automotive and industry business he has executed different leadership functions in the area of corporate governance, compliance and audit. After executing different research functions he became extraordinary professor at the University of Zenica, Law Faculty in 2017.
His publications capture international, EU and economic law, general principles of law, fundamental rights and freedoms. The current focus of his work is on EU law with the digital single market transformation and its impact on corporate development, data governance and compliance of organizations and enterprises.