Mag. Dr. Oskar Josef Gstrein, LL.M 

Assistant Professor - Data Research Center - Campus Fryslân, University of Groningen

Dr. Oskar Josef Gstrein, MA, LL.M., PhD is Assistant Professor at the department of Governance and Innovation at Campus Fryslân, where he is also member of the Data Research Centre. He studied law and philosophy in Innsbruck, Austria and obtained the Magister iuris and the Magister philosophiae diplomas.

Currently he is carrying out research in the EU Horizon 2020 project ‘Cutting Crime Impact’ and teaching in the master program ‘Governance and Law in Digital Society’, as well as the minor ‘Data Wise’. At the same time, he is external lecturer at the Europa-Institut of the University of Saarland in Germany.

In 2008 he studied the law of the European Union at the Humboldt University in Berlin where he also participated in two seminars at the faculty of philosophy. In 2009 he did an internship in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium with visits to Strasbourg, France. In 2011 he finished the LL.M. program at the Europa-Institut in Saarbrücken, Germany where he subsequently became research associate. His thesis was awarded with the Hans-Werner Osthoff Prize for excellent achievements by young scientists and published. During his PhD Project entitled ‘The Right to be forgotten as a human right - is there a future for human dignity in the Digital Age?’ he published several articles on the subject. The thesis was defended in November 2015 and awarded the grade ‘summa cum laude’. The book was published in March 2016.

He participated in the ‘General and Specialized Courses on Human Rights Law’ at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy in 2015. In 2018 he became a fellow at the Institute for Technology and Society in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

From October 2015 to July 2018 he was Post-Doc research fellow at the Security, Technology & e-Privacy (STeP) Research Group at the University of Groningen. In this role he also supported the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy during the first three years of his mandate.

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