Fordham Law School (New York City) 


The Fordham Law School in New York is one of the 40 best law schools in America, and programs such as the one in "Dispute Resolution" or "International Law" are even among the top 20 (

In 2019, the Europa-Institut visited Fordham Law School for an leven-day Spring School, designed exclusively for Europa-Institut students. The school was attended by international students and doctoral students from the Europa-Institut who met a group of American law students and young academics from Fordham Law School. With them, they discussed the US legal system, U.S. contract law, comparative corporate governance, and international financial crime. 

The aim of the Spring School was to expand transatlantic understanding. During an intensive joint program with lectures and workshops on current and future-oriented issues, the participants worked together to find solutions. In addition, visits to the New York State Court and the US Bankruptcy Court were part of the program and offered the opportunity to learn something about the US legal institutions.

In their free time, the participants had the opportunity to explore New York.

In 2020, the spring school could not take place due to the current situation with the corona pandemic.