EuroSim is a political simulation where the decision-making process of current EU legislation is simulated by students from about 20 international universities from Europe and the United States.

The participating students assume the roles of the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Council, the members of the European Parliament, and independent experts. Apart from intensive engagement with current legal questions of the EU and its politics, EuroSim also imparts rhetorical skills and competence in intercultural communication. In addition, practitioners, academics and politicians are invited to share relevant background knowledge with the participants. 

EuroSim takes place alternately at universities in Europe and the United States. Besides training important skills for future employment, the simulation is an ideal platform for networking and offers the opportunity to visit interesting cities.

EuroSim Team 2017

EuroSim 2017

From 30 March to 2 April 2017, the College at Brockport, NY, hosted 165 students from 17 schools across Europe and America (in roughly equal proportion) at EuroSim 2017, the biggest European policy simulation in the world. The subject for this year's meeting was the Energy Policy of the EU. Distributed in different formations/working groups (European Commission, European Council, 2 Formations of the Council of the EU -TTE and FAC-, as well as 2 Committees of the European Parliament -ITRE and AFET-), the participants debated on several aspects of the issue.


This year's meeting marked the 30th anniversary of the project. Building upon the experience of the past, all the participating universities reiterated their commitment to the further evolution of EuroSim, by not only confirming their participation for the future, but also inviting more universities to join this big family. Present at the celebration was the founder of EuroSim Prof. William G. Andrews. The 31st EuroSim (2018) will take place in Brussels

The Europa-Institut was once again present with a group of 15 students coming from 15 different countries from 3 continents, being one of the largest and most multinational teams of the competition. Being chosen through a selection procedure in the beginning of the academic year, our students went through a long preparation phase that consisted of four sessions, under the guidance of the supervisors Dr. Oskar Gstrein LL.M., Marc Bienert LL.M. and Eleftherios Petropoulos LL.M.

During this period, our students gained deep knowledge in Energy matters (through relevant EU-documents, guest lectures and personal research), as well as got trained in their negotiation skills (among others through a specialist in the field). A study-trip to the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) was also part of the preparation.

The Europa-Institut EuroSim team did an excellent job in Brockport by gaining 2 of the 5 Awards for Excellent Performance, which are annually given to the best participants of each working group (The selection of these participants is done through a vote among all the students, taking part in EuroSim). This achievement constitutes a continuation of the very successful performance of the Europa-Institut and proves the hard work being done.


I value the learning experience on the topic energy and the environmental benefits of investments in renewable energy technologies. The issue of energy security and dependence on foreign suppliers has been seriously analyzed. The discussions we had were indeed very realistic providing us with great  knowledge and deep understanding of the meaningful roles carried out by EU institutions. Fabiane Pohlmann 

EuroSim provides you with a set of soft-skills which make the difference in every career. However it is also fruitful because gives you the opportunity to learn the EU decision-making process while you enjoy the chance of traveling and to get to know better your classmates. Andrés Eduardo Alvarado Garzón

Preparation Phase

An intensive research, a continuous training of written and oral speeches, observing the development of my team members and working on the criticism received, were the key facts towards preparing for EuroSim. Carolina Goberna Caride

EuroSim was an amazing experience to me, being a chance to discover qualities and features I didn't know I had before. Participation in EuroSim requires good skills of public speaking, communication, negotiation and research: abilities that can be relevant to any employer. It shows also an interest in other politics and cultures, something which goes beyond the mere completion of a degree programme. Lorenzo Consorti

I prepared by consulting websites of the EU institutions, reading several news, and learning with available documents in order to provide me with a general understanding on Energy Strategies and the EU legislative process. The simulation sections organised by our EuroSim instructors have also contributed to the improvement of my public speech skills, presentation and negotiation tactics. Fabiane Pohlmann


Preparing for EuroSim you are being coached closely to improve your public speaking, your discussion style and your negotiation techniques, which you are able to really put in practice during the 4-day conference. To me, this kind of soft-skill training is incredibly valuablable, a big asset for an LL.M.-program. Pieter Vaerenbergh

EuroSim carried me to an international professional working environment while still being a student. It taught me how unpredictable politics can be and increased my motivation towards future goals. I would encourage anyone to participate without doubt! Carolina Goberna Caride

EuroSim was special for so many reasons, the most important of all was being in a setting which invokes all of one's capabilities and skills. It was not just about the theoretical knowledge, but also about personal traits such as temperance, negotiation, resourcefulness, and persuasion. Especially if I intend to pursue a career in politics, I believe that a future employer would appreciate that I can provide some evidence that I had some basis for being a delegate member on his/her team. Noureldin Abdou

I value the learning experience on the topic energy and the environmental benefits of investments in renewable energy technologies. The issue of energy security and dependence on foreign suppliers has been seriously analyzed. The discussions we had were indeed very realistic providing us with great  knowledge and deep understanding of the meaningful roles carried out by EU institutions. Fabiane Pohlmann 

Coaching for EuroSim

EuroSim is one of the highlights of this Master’s Program. It is one of the activities that makes the curriculum of the Europa-Institut different from the others. EuroSim gives participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in a specific and actual European policy matter. The participation in EuroSim and the preparation for it are an excellent way to train your skills in negotiating in delicate issues, presenting in front of a group of people, managing efficiently your time, cooperating with others and also accepting responsibility, forming and defending your own positions, qualifications that are valuable for a successful professional career. 

Having lived EuroSim both as participant and as a supervisor, I have only one thing to say: EuroSim is an amazing journey! Be a part of it! Eleftherios Petropoulos