EuroSim - a transatlantic simulation

In cooperation with a consortium of American and European universities, the Europa-Institut organises an annual simulation of European decision-making processes: EuroSim.

The course is held in English and offers students an excellent opportunity to test their acquired knowledge and skills in practice. EuroSim takes place every year alternately at universities in Europe and the USA

EuroSim 2020


From 6 to 9 January 2020, fourteen of the Europa-Institut LL.M. students participated in EuroSim, one of the world’s largest simulations of decision-making processes in the European Union

EuroSim 2020 was hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Antwerp, gathering nearly 200 students from 17 partner universities from both sides of the Atlantic. In the simulation, participants negotiated the imposition of enhanced restrictive measures against Russia and Iran, as well as the creation of a European framework for sanctioning human rights abusers, modelled on the US Global Magnitsky Act.

The Europa-Institut team had the honor and responsibility of taking over the European Commission role, which included drafting the legislative texts of the decisions and regulations on sanctions against Russia and Iran. Dealing with Iran was particularly challenging as new escalating developments were taking place during the simulation following the US airstrike in Baghdad, killing Iran’s top general. The team received praise for its outstanding drafting work and creative approach from the EuroSim hosts, but also from representatives of the European External Action Service invited for an expert guest lecture. At their request, the documents, as adopted at EuroSim, will be sent to the European Commission. 

Apart from the academic component, participants had the possibility to discover the city of Antwerp, visit the Red Star Line Museum and socialize with their peers over numerous coffee breaks, a reception and party. We congratulate the entire team for their remarkable group effort: well done, everyone!

Curious? EuroSim 2021 will be hosted by the University of Niagara (NY, USA)!


EuroSim Group in Antwerp 2020

"EuroSim provided the students with invaluable practical, academic and networking opportunities as well as a deep understanding of the way the European institutions make and implement important decisions. The university of Saarland had the honour of taking up the role of the commission, with students fulfilling drafting responsibilities, leading debates and taking on special important roles. All partakers excelled in developing their public speaking and presentation skills. In addition, there were lots of opportunities to make the most being in Antwerp, with trips to museums, restaurants and a big party at the end. All in all, it was an excellent experience to coach and assist at EuroSim."
Elizabeth Harvey

"EuroSim was a wonderful experience, I highly recommend it. This year we had the opportunity to represent the European Commission, European Parliamentarians and the press. Our Europa-Institut team was tasked with writing an external relations Council Decision and Regulation to impose sanctions on Russia and Iran grounded on principles and precedents of EU law. In addition to refining our legal policy drafting skills, we also had the opportunity to deliver speeches in front of large audiences, debate legislation and practice our political skills. I played a Vice President of the Commission and chaired a very active committee which was quite exciting. In preparation for EuroSim, we received a mélange of training including public speaking, debating and policy drafting, which was very useful. It was also a lot of fun meeting students from different universities, bonding with our team and exploring Antwerp!"

Daniela Ingeborg White, Germany

"EuroSim was a great learning experience for me, in terms of public speaking, strategizing and thinking on my feet. As we were preparing together and travelling as a group from the Institute, I never felt left to myself, there was always someone to discuss with or seek advice from, either among the teammates or the facilitators. Plus, I know way more than I ever thought I would about the EU sanctions regime, which might come in handy in my future career."

Ingrid Sigstad Lie, Norway

"EuroSim 2020 was an amazing experience! This year we had to deal with the EU sanction regime which turned out to be very exciting, especially in light of the recent US-Iran escalation. EuroSim helped me gain a better understanding of the EU decision-making process, and it definitely allowed me to improve my negotiation skills. I would highly recommend future students to participate in EuroSim and other simulations of the Europa-Institut to make the best out of their year at the Europa-Institut."

Islam Shalik, Italy


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