EuroSim - a transatlantic simulation

In cooperation with a consortium of American and European universities, the Europa-Institut organises an annual simulation of European decision-making processes: EuroSim.

The course is held in English and offers students an excellent opportunity to test their acquired knowledge and skills in practice. EuroSim takes place every year alternately at universities in Europe and the USA.

EuroSim 2023


From 3 to 7 January 2023, nine students from the Europa-Institut participated in EuroSim, one of the world's largest simulations of decision-making processes in the European Union.

EuroSim 2023 was hosted by the University of South Wales at the International Convention Center Wales and gathered nearly 160 students from 17 partner universities from both sides of the Atlantic. In the simulation, participants negotiated a regulation to cushion the emerging burdens of increased EU climate action on vulnerable households across Europe. In addition, strategic autonomy in the energy sector was on the agenda of the European Council.

The Europa-Institut team had the honor and responsibility of taking on the role of the European Commission, which included drafting the legislative proposal for the "European Social Climate Fund". In doing so, the team already spent a lot of time drafting the proposed regulation in the run-up to Christmas and thus played a significant role in ensuring that the simulation could take place at all. In Wales, the Europa Institute students also took responsibility in their role as the Commission and guided through the simulated legislative process. The team was praised by the EuroSim hosts for their excellent design work and on-site support.

In addition to the academic component, participants had the opportunity to explore the cities of Cardiff and Newport, visit the St. Faggans Museum, and interact with other participants during a gala dinner, the numerous coffee breaks, and a closing ceremony. We congratulate the entire team for their remarkable group achievement and wish them every success for the future. The team was financially supported by a so-called PROMOS scholarship through the DAAD program ("PROMOS") to increase the international mobility of students at Saarland University.

EuroSim 2024 will be hosted by the University of Brockport (NY, USA). Interested in participating? Please contact


"Overall, Eurosim was an educational, motivating and not least fun experience. It was interesting to discuss EU political and legal issues with students from universities both in the USA and elsewhere in Europe. Our different backgrounds expanded the scope of the debates and made them more challenging. This had us thinking in new ways, and made more clear to me the importance of the different perspectives when representatives of the EU come together to discuss Union matters."

Kasper Lie Toenessen



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