WILLEM C. VIS – International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court

The Vis Moot Court in Vienna is organized by the Association for the Organization and Promotion of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in collaboration with UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law), renowned arbitration institutions and the Faculty of Law of Vienna.

The arbitrators in the competition arejudges, lawyers and professors from around the globe. The aim of the moot is to promote the studies of international civil and commercial law and to learn about arbitration in the international economic arena via the concrete application of a problem.

Over a period of six months the students participating in the competition focused on International Sales Law and Arbitration Law and had to prove their research abilities, excellent argumentation and quick learning skills, as well as their ability to work in a team.

The students jointly drafted two complex English memoranda which were presented to an international jury. Subsequently, they focused on developing concise and detailed presentations of the legal arguments.

Practice pleadings, exercises and preparatory competitions for the Moot Court in Vienna are regularly held in different European cities.
Participation in the Vis Moot Court is only possible after the completion of the course at the Europa-Institut.

Team 2017 with supervisors
Geetanjali Sharma, Anja Neufing, Corina Voda, Hendrik Matthias Mayer, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Helmut Rüßmann, Ben Köhler, María Cristina Rosales del Prado, Caio Prado Rocha, Anna Marie Faymonville

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Generous donation from the "old" to the new Vis Moot Team

The participants of the Vis Moot Court 2017 received the prize of the ASKO-EUROPA-FOUNDATION, which is endowed with 1.500 Euro, during the opening ceremony of the Europa-Institut. The award was presented by Hans Beitz, member of the Executive Board of the Academy Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen gGmbH, to the five members of the Vis Moot Team 2017 Geetanjali Sharma, Corina Voda, María Cristina Rosales del Prado, Caio Prado Rocha (not in the picture) and Hendrik Matthias Mayer, who accepted the prize together with their coaches Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Helmut Rüßmann, Ben Köhler, Anja Neufing and Anna Marie Faymonville (not in the picture).

To everyone's great surprise, the team donated half of their prize money to the new team, which will be taking part in Vis Moot's 25th VIS Moot in 2018, so that they can participate in even more pre-moots. We wish the new team all the best and thank the "old" team for their generous donation!

Successful Saarland Team

The final of the competition took place in Vienna from 7 to 13 April 2017.

During that final, pairs of two from the team took part in a total of four oral proceedings against other universities from all over the world.
They took on the role of lawyers and held 15 minutes pleas in English in front of three international arbitrators. 

The Master's program students Corina Vodă, María Cristina Rosales del Prado, Geetanjali Sharma and Caio Prado Rocha, and the German legal student Hendrik Mayer, got into the elimination rounds of the 64 best teams and receved an "honorable mention" for their "Memorandum for Respondent"

Corina Vodă and Geetanjali Sharma received an "honorable mention" as "Individual oralists".

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Preparation Phase

For the written phase, the team had a lot of internal meetings with the coaches to discuss ideas and lines of arguments, which were backed-up by extensive individual research. To practice pleading before an arbitral tribunal, I find that the many pre-moots we attended really helped me shape my pleading style and strengthen the presented arguments. Corina Voda

For the oral stage, we practiced the pleadings internally and in the so called Pre-Moots. These Pre-Moots are simulations of the main competition, in which, we had the chance to practice with other teams of Germany and of the world. We went to the Düsseldorf Pre-Moot, Hannover Pre-Moot, Belgrade Pre-Moot. We went to several law firms for some hearings as well for example: Freshfields (Frankfurt), Gleiss Lutz (Stuttgart), Borris-Hennecke-Kneisel (Köln). During the preparations we all had the opportunity to practice and increase our advocacy skills. María Cristina Rosales del Prado

Pre-Moot at Freshfields,Frankfurt/Main

Vis Moot Court 2017

The moot gave us an opportunity to explore the interest developed during the course of our master studies. In addition, we made friends from all across the world and it helped us establish contacts with many practitioners and academics in the area of international arbitration which will hopefully help us with our future initiatives in this area. Geetanjali Sharma

I think the moot helped me find my voice. I never thought of myself as a "pleader" – and it has been great to discover that potential in me. Furthermore, if I had any doubts before as regards my future career path - now they are all gone: the arbitration world is where I want to be. Corina Voda

In retrospect

The Vis Moot has been a very intense, but rewarding experience. It gave me the opportunity to further develop my legal and analytical skills and meet extraordinary people from all over the world. I am very grateful for the friendships made along the way, the traveling and, of course, the fun we had as a team. Corina Voda