Why choose the Europa-Institut? 

Five students tell you their reasons to come to Saarbrücken and why they think it was a really good decision to do the Master's program at the Europa-Institut

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Margarita Biryukova, Ukraine, Student in 2017/2018

Most of the lecturers at the Europa-Institut are working in their respective fields of expertise in addition to their academia activity. This allows them to explain to the students the interaction between theory and practice not from textbooks, but from their own experiences. Having a solid knowledge of theory and its applicability to real life cases is the key in building a successful career. Currently I work in the Head Office of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine.

Adrian Crofts, Ireland, Student in 2017/2018

The Europa-Institut experience is academically enriching, but also a great social experience. Academically speaking, what I liked most was the broad range of subject choices and the room to be flexible with what you want to study. This allowed me to study more human topics that interest me personally, such as areas of human rights law, as well as subjects that I knew would help me professionally in my future career, for example courses in economic or trade law. The fact that these courses are taught by top academics and highly respected professors and professionals made this all the better. Furthermore, the option to take classes through either German or English was highly beneficial for me in terms of improving my legal German. Finally, the opportunity to go on study trips during the year was also a big highlight for me - we had the chance to go to the US for a course in conflict resolution, for example, which was interesting in terms of giving us a new perspective outside of Europe.

On the social side of things, the Europa-Institut experience is almost like a social experiment. Our class had almost 40 different nationalities, with each personality bringing something new and interesting to the group. Saarbrücken, although some might say it is small, offered us a multitude of places to socialise and take a well deserved break from studies every now and then. Its central location allowed us to travel to numerous countries and visit many international institutions. By the end of the year, through our interactions both in and outside the classroom, we became a family and forged some life-long friendships.

My experience at the Europa-Institut has helped me in a number of ways. Thanks to the LLM program I was able to improve my language, presentation and communication skills, as well as my intercultural awareness. I think the Europ-Institut experience most definitely played a big role in helping me to secure my current job and will continue to stand to me throughout my career.

I now live in Stuttgart, where I am currently working as Legal Counsel in the area of Car IT at Daimler AG.

Tatsunori Aiko, Japan, Student 2017/2018

I really like the friendly and supportive program coordinators and of the course talented students coming from more than 36 nations. It not only broadened my future horizons but also made ever-lasting friendships all over the world. Studying at the Europa-Institut will definitely help your career prospects! Especially those who want to work in European or international legal fields will have a competitive advantage in the job market since this program offers lectures  depending on your interest and can be customized as desired. I now live in Tokyo and do an internship. After that, I am going to work in the field of European tax law in which field I can maximize the knowledge gained in this program.

Marta Bettinazzi, Italy, Student in 2017/2018

I liked the opportunity of learning from teachers with a strong legal background but also with practical experience and be able to do so in a fully international environment. It helped a lot in building my career as legal consultant, giving me both the knowledge and the soft skills I need for this job. At the moment I am based in Ho Chi Minh City working in a EU founded project (Intellectual property help desk for small and medium enterprises). I am currently working in this very exciting project.

Isabel Camps, Spain, Student in 2017/2018

One of the best decisions of my life was to study this Master's program. It has allowed me to study what I like most which is European and international law in an international atmosphere.  The opportunity to learn from your class mates who come from all over the world (Asia, Africa, Europe, America) broadens you not only as a person but also as a professional. I am sure all the knowledge acquired through the studies in the Master's program will help me in my future professional career. At the LLM I have learned and acquired a lot of knowledge regarding European and international law, I have had the opportunity to attend classes of professors who are highly respectable lawyers and/ or professionals who prepare you extraordinarily well. During the study of the program there is a lot of pressure: classes, seminar, exams,  but all this pressure and short timing has helped me learn to organise my time and most importantly to be capable of being productive under pressure. Things from which I am currently and I am surely in the future continue benefitting from at work. Right now I am in Brussels for an internship at the European Parliament.