Master's program in European and International Law

Class of 2021/2022

We proudly present the members of the class of 2021/2022 of our Master's program in European and International Law. This group of highly motivated students worked hard to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and worked together with lecturers, staff and fellow students digitally from Saarbrücken and all over the world - in distance, but always together - to become the international, cosmopolitan and well prepared people they are today. Congratulations, all the best for your futures!


Sezgi Akbulut


Catriona Laidlaw

United Kingdom/Australia

Yue Li


Lisa Mangin


Verena Rau


Albana Tërstena


Yasmine-Marie Zein



More graduates from the class of 2021/2022 came from

Albania | Azerbaijan | China | France | Germany | India | Lebanon | Naminia | Nigeria | Republic of Kosovo | Romania | Saudi Arabia | South Africa | Turkey | Ukraine