Tuition fees

The tuition fees for the Master's program "European and International Law" amount to 5,600 € per academic year (2,800 € per semester). The fees cover tuition, the use of the institution library and the computer work space in the library. Moreover, paper copies as well as some extracurricular activities like day trips are covered by the fee, longer trips are partly subsidized (extra costs may arise!). Accommodation, transport and board are however not included.

Administrative fee

In addition, an administrative fee is payable to Saarland University each semester.

Payment of this fee entitles students to an ID card ("Semesterticket"), which authorizes free use of almost all public transportation within the Saarland for a period of six months.

Costs of living

A studio apartment in student accommodation or a room in a shared student house costs approximately 300 €, inclusive of additional charges and electricity.

A telephone and internet connection is also frequently included, however not always! Students should expect to spend approximately another 350 € on board, that is, food (there are many discount supermarket chains in Germany, such as Aldi, Lidl, Netto and Penny, where food can be bought at bargain prices; on the other hand, those not interested in cooking will not go hungry - affordable meals can be bought at the Mensa on the University campus), TV (please be aware that you must pay a TV and radio licence fee – more information on Rundfunkbeitrag here), mobile phone costs (several phone providers offer cheap prepaid phone cards), books, leisure activities, medicine etc.


Students often benefit from discounts, for example at the cinema and theatre and also, perhaps less expectedly, for subscriptions to magazines, train tickets or flights. It is always worth asking! Within Germany, presentation of your student ID Card will suffice, however if you are planning to go abroad you may wish to acquire an "International Student Identity Card" (ISIC). This identity card is recognized world-wide and opens the door to discounts in over 130 countries. It costs 15 EUR, is valid for a period of 12 months and can be purchased at student travel agents, student organisations and student unions.
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Applicants for the new academic year 2021/2022 for the Master´s program in European and International Law at the Europa-Institut have the opportunity to apply for four scholarships, the so-called Deutschlandstipendien ("Germany scholarships").

What is a Deutschlandstipendium?

Deutschlandstipendien are awarded within the framework of a support program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. They are financed half by the Federal Government and half by private sponsors. By co-financing these scholarships, the German Federal Government wants to contribute to establishing a scholarship culture in Germany. 

Scholarship holders receive 300 euros per month for one year. Funding starts in the upcoming Winter Semester 2021.


Applications for the Deutschland-Stipendien are possible each summer for the winter semester.

Applications this year are open from 1 to 30 June 2021!!


Applications can only be submitted via the StudienStiftungSaar application portalFirst you have to register, then you can apply for the scholarship. With the created account, you can log in and hand in your application via:


If you have any questions on the application itself, please direct your questions to

There is no legal entitlement to funding.



The Europa-Institut receives three scholarships for the Master's program for the academic year 2021/2022

We thank the StudienStiftungSaar, the alumni association EVER e.V. , a private sponsor as well as those who supported the Deutschlandstipendium in honor of Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Georg Ress for their support and for providing us once again with scholarship opportunities.

Good luck!

We have compiled an overview of selected scholarship programs for you to apply for.

Please note that the Europa-Institut itself does not award any scholarships. An application for any of the mentioned scholarships - also for the Deutschland-Stipendien - is the sole responsibility of the student and has to be initiated and completed individually by the student.

The websites and offer you the possibility to select the scholarships you are interested in and to specify them according to your country. Further research possibilities on search portals such as and

In your home country there is often a wide range of scholarships available from the respective governments or their foreign ministries. Please inform yourselves in time at the appropriate offices about the available offers.

There is also the possibility to apply for a scholarship in Germany. Please see the following selection of institutions or places to which you may apply.

Apply in time for a scholarship!

We would like to point out that last minute scholarship applications i.e. those made at the beginning or during your studies at the Europa-Institut, will not be successfull due to time constraints involved in the application process. Therefore, please inquire and apply for a scholarship in time!

Information on the respective application processes can be found on the homepage of the respective institutions:

The European Commission offers scholarship for Master's degree students via Erasmus+.

More Information can be found on:

The DAAD offers scholarships to applicants of all nationalities. For more information see their database via 

More information on scholarships for postgraduates can be found here:

The program Civil Society Leadership Awards (CLSA) of the Open Society Foundations offers scholarships for outstanding academics from a specific list of countries. For more information on the CLSA program, see