Since 1998, the Europa-Institut has published the legal journal “Zeitschrift für Europarechtliche Studien” (ZEuS). ZEuS is broad in scope: contributions deal with current and general problems in European integration as well as European and international law.

ZEuS offers the opportunity to publish in German and English, thereby providing an internationally established forum for articles from the academic as well as the practical field.

It is particularly important for ZEuS that young academics may contribute to the journal. The examination and selection of contributions occurs via an extensive and thorough evaluation procedure (peer review) and is done independently by two members of the editorial team.

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Volumes 1 - 20  (1998-2017)

Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg
Prof. Dr. Christian Calliess
Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich
Prof. Dr. Michael Hahn
Prof. Dr. Torsten Stein

Founding Editor
Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Georg Ress

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Ass. iur. Christina Backes

Editorial Staff
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bröhmer, Dr. Christian von Buttlar LL.M., Prof. Dr. Iris Canor, Mareike Fröhlich LL.M., Eileen Fuchs LL.M., Dr. Oskar Gstrein LL.M., Christiane Hillesheim LL.M.Eur., Dr. Robin van der Hout LL.M., André Husheer, Dr. Kai-Michael König, Helen Küchler, Tilmann Lahann LL.M., Dieter Lang LL.M.Eur., Julia Legleitner LL.M.Eur., Prof. Dr. Maria Meng-Papantoni, Prof. Dr. Zlatan Meškic, Kristina Müller, Prof. Dr. Alexander Proelß, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Richter, Rüdiger Sailer, Rupert Steinlein LL.M.Eur., Dr. Anne Thies LL.M., Dr. Anja Trautmann LL.M., Dr. Jörg Ukrow LL.M.Eur., Sebastian Zeitzmann LL.M.

Please e-mail manuscripts directly, as Word documents, to: zeus(at)europainstitut.de. If you prefer to post us your manuscript, please save the Word-processed text to a CD and address it to:


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We do not accept any responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts; any manuscripts submitted to us are generally not returned. In accepting the submitted manuscript for publication, the editors acquire all rights from the author, in particular the right of reproduction for commercial purposes and for publication on the Internet. All contributions to ZEuS reflect the authors' personal opinion and not that of ZEuS' editorial staff

ZEuS is published quarterly and offers a diverse agenda with topical commentaries on current aspects and fundamental problems connected with European Integration, European law and international law.

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21th Volume 2019 Issue 1; ISSN 1435-439X
Aktuelles Heft (Abstract download)
Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft

Anne Peters
Between Trade and Torture: Animals in EU law

Geetanjali Sharma
The Court of Justice as an Actor in the Migration Crisis


Dagmar Richter

Sicherheit vor Pestiziden in Europa? – Gefährliche Formen der Zusammenarbeit von EU und Mitgliedstaaten am Beispiel der Neu-Genehmigung von Glyphosat



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