PhD at the Europa-Institut

The Europa-Institut offers optimal conditions for doctoral candidates. PhD students at the Europa-Institut benefit from both the extent of the academic freedom they are granted and from the intensive specialist support and advice provided by their supervisors. A considerable number of doctoral candidates are currently undertaking their PhD at the Europa-Institut, focusing on areas of European and public international law. Many of the PhD students completed their LL.M. at the Europa-Institut beforehand, however this is not a prerequisite for undertaking a doctorate at the Institute.

The Doctorate Regulations of the Law and Business School of Saarland University also allow foreign students to undertake a PhD at the Institute without undergoing a further admissions and proof of qualifications procedure through recognition of studies undertaken at the Europa-Institut. The precondition is that students have successfully completed both the Master's program "European and International Law" and the Master thesis with at least the grade "good" (see also §5 of the PhD Regulations (in German)).
Professors and honorary professors of the Faculty of Law at Saarland University are authorized to take on doctoral candidates from the Europa-Institut. PhD students are given the opportunity to attend courses taught at the Europa-Institut as part of the Master program in order to deepen their knowledge on the subject of their doctoral thesis.