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Since 1972, the library of the Europa-Institut has been one of [External]40 European Documentation Centers ([External]EDC[External]) in Germany. 

The EDCs

• offer support for university and academic institutions in researching and teaching the European integration process• offer free access to the printed publications and databases of the European Union • is providing the users with assistance through literature search and information sourcing

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Europe Online

The EU institutions offer many databases and electronic document registers.

The EDC offers

• free access to a lot of EU documents and to Commission Documents
• a link list with European and Public International Law Related topics

Portal of [External]the European Union

[External]Europe at a glance

[External]Summaries of the EU Legislation 

[External]Policy areas of the European Union

[External]European Sources Online (ESO)


[External]Eur-Lex (access to EU law)  

[External]EU Open Data Portal (Access to European Union open data)

[External]PreLex (database on inter-institutional procedures)  

[External]Eurostat (Statistics Database) 

[External]Curia (Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union)  

[External]OEIL (EP, Legislative Observatory)  

[External]TED (Europe-wide public offers) 

[External]Cordis (Research Information Service) 

[External]Summaries of the EU Legislation 

[External]Press Releases of the Commission (Rapid)

[External]HUDOC (European Court of Human Rights)

[External]EuroVoc (the EU's multilingual thesaurus)

Abbreviation lists and Glossaries

[External]Glossaries by Topic (EUROPA-Server: Language and Terminology)

[External]Glossary Links (Search Tool with a Database of more than 5,000 Glossaries, Europ. Parlament)

[External]Terminology resources of EU bodies and agencies

[External]Acronyms and initialism (Publications Office)

[External]IATE (Terminology-Database)

[External]Glossary (European Commission, DG for Migration and Home Affaires)

[External]Glossary (Summaries of EU Legislation; EUR-Lex)

Glossary to the [External]Digital Singal Market

[External]EU Bookshop’s Glossaries

[External]Europa-Lexicon (Federal Government Germany)

The Federation of European Employers (FedEE): [External]A-Z of the European Union

[External] (EU Lexicon from the former MEP Jens-Peter Bonde)



[External]Official documents from EU institutions 

[External]Official Gazette 

[External]Preparatory Acts (Com-Docs)  

[External]European Commission Document Register 

[External]Press Releases (Rapid) of the European Commission

[External]The EU-Commission 2010 - 2014

[External]The EU-Commission 1958 - 2004 

[External]Releases of the Council of the European Union

[External]European Parliament Hearings 

[External]Documents of the Economic and Social Committees

[External]Documents of the Committee of the Regions 

[External]Documents and publications on European research and innovation activities

Almost all publications of the European Union are held in the Central Library of the [External]European Commission. The library was founded in 1958 and its collection provides both a historical and current overview of all aspects of European integration. Sources can be searched via the Central Library's Catalogue ([External]ECLAS).

The [External]European Library also facilitates access to materials from National Libraries all over Europe.

The virtual Library "Europeana" offers links to over 6 million digital media types, for example pictures, fotographs, texts, recordings and videos.

[External]Libraries and Archives (EUROPA-Server)

- [External]European Commission
- European Parliament ([External]European Parliamentary Research Service)

Historical Archives: [External]European Union (EUI) ; [External]Commission ; [External]Council ; [External]Parliament

Catalogue of the Commission libraries:[External] ECLAS ; [External]Find-eR (incl. online resources)

[External]EUROLIB (Informationen zur Zusammenarbeit der Bibliotheken der EU Institutionen)

[External]EUROVOC (mehrsprachiger Thesaurus)

[External]ArchiDok (Datenbank für Onlinedokumente von EU-Institutionen)

externalSuche im FIND-eR

externalSuche im EU law and publications

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