Advisory Function

The Europa-Institut has expert knowledge in the areas of European Law and Public International Law and is a competent partner for government offices, organizations and companies.

Under the supervision of the directors Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich and Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg, the staff here at the Europa-Institut as well as an international network of experts are able to offer advice and further training services in the areas of Economic Law, World Trade Law, Protection of Human Rights in addition to matters connected with German Public Law and all areas of European politics.

We are glad to offer you a tailor-made study and analysis based on your requirements.

The Europa-Institut offers its expertise to third parties for research and teaching purposes. It also offers its services for the preparation of expert legal opinions or more comprehensive studies. We also answer questions in judicial subjects and on certain subject matters. Current works have, among others, dealt with:

  • Basic Freedoms of the EU
  • European Economic Law
  • European Education Policy
  • European Migration Policy
  • European Social Law
  • European Regional Policy
  • World Trade Law

The Europa-Institut relies not only on its staff here at the Institute, we can also rely on an international network of experts of Institute alumni and professors that hold top-tier positions all over the world.

The Europa-Institut works both on international and regional research projects with a close connection to European and/or International Law. These projects give new insights into important or current problems.

Together with the Working Chamber Saarland, we are currently working on a research project by the "Kooperationsstelle Wissenschaft und Arbeitswelt" with the title

Grenzüberschreitendes Leben und Arbeiten in der Großregion Saar-Lor-Lux - Die praktische Umsetzung der Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs im Hinblick auf Krankenkassensysteme im grenzüberschreitenden Kontext -

If you have any questions about the project please contact Ass. iur. Mareike Fröhlich LL.M. (m.froehlich(at)

The Europa-Institut offers further training for companies and public authorities in the area of European law. We meet your individual requirements and are able to offer different forms of further training such as workshops, seminars, weekend workshops etc.  

The Europa-Institut has been training civil servants of the Higher Civil Service of Saarland who deal with "European" issues in their daily work environment. Moreover, the staff at the Europa-Institut organizes workshops that aim at introducing young people to the topic of "European Integration" as well as the system of world trade law.

Since 2010, the Europa-Institut has presented an annual European Summer Course with current topics of European Integration.

ADir'in Julia Legleitner, LL.M.
Tel.: +49/681/302-3653