European Documentation Centre

Since 1972, the library of the Europa-Institut has been one of 40 European Documentation Centers (EDC) in Germany. 

The EDCs

• offer support for university and academic institutions in researching and teaching the European integration process• offer free access to the printed publications and databases of the European Union • is providing the users with assistance through literature search and information sourcing

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Europe Online

The EU institutions offer many databases and electronic document registers.

The EDC offers

• free access to a lot of EU documents and to Commission Documents
• a link list with European and Public International Law Related topics

Portal ofthe European Union

Europe at a glance

Summaries of the EU Legislation 

Policy areas of the European Union

European Sources Online (ESO)


Eur-Lex (access to EU law)  

EU Open Data Portal (Access to European Union open data)

PreLex (database on inter-institutional procedures)  

Eurostat (Statistics Database) 

Curia (Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union)  

OEIL (EP, Legislative Observatory)  

TED (Europe-wide public offers) 

Cordis (Research Information Service) 

Summaries of the EU Legislation 

Press Releases of the Commission (Rapid)

HUDOC (European Court of Human Rights)

EuroVoc (the EU's multilingual thesaurus)

Abbreviation lists and Glossaries

Glossaries by Topic (EUROPA-Server: Language and Terminology)

Glossary Links (Search Tool with a Database of more than 5,000 Glossaries, Europ. Parlament)

Terminology resources of EU bodies and agencies

Acronyms and initialism (Publications Office)

IATE (Terminology-Database)

Glossary (European Commission, DG for Migration and Home Affaires)

Glossary (Summaries of EU Legislation; EUR-Lex)

Glossary to the Digital Singal Market

EU Bookshop’s Glossaries

Europa-Lexicon (Federal Government Germany)

The Federation of European Employers (FedEE): A-Z of the European Union (EU Lexicon from the former MEP Jens-Peter Bonde)



Official documents from EU institutions 

Official Gazette 

Preparatory Acts (Com-Docs)  

European Commission Document Register 

Press Releases (Rapid) of the European Commission

The EU-Commission 2010 - 2014

The EU-Commission 1958 - 2004 

Releases of the Council of the European Union

European Parliament Hearings 

Documents of the Economic and Social Committees

Documents of the Committee of the Regions 

Documents and publications on European research and innovation activities

Almost all publications of the European Union are held in the Central Library of the European Commission. The library was founded in 1958 and its collection provides both a historical and current overview of all aspects of European integration. Sources can be searched via the Central Library's Catalogue (ECLAS).

The European Library also facilitates access to materials from National Libraries all over Europe.

The virtual Library "Europeana" offers links to over 6 million digital media types, for example pictures, fotographs, texts, recordings and videos.

Libraries and Archives (EUROPA-Server)

- European Commission
- European Parliament (European Parliamentary Research Service)

Historical Archives:European Union (EUI) ; Commission ; Council ; Parliament

Catalogue of the Commission libraries: ECLAS ; Find-eR (incl. online resources)

EUROLIB (Informationen zur Zusammenarbeit der Bibliotheken der EU Institutionen)

EUROVOC (mehrsprachiger Thesaurus)

ArchiDok (Datenbank für Onlinedokumente von EU-Institutionen)

externalSuche im FIND-eR

externalSuche im EU law and publications

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