About the Europa-Institut

More than six Decades of Education

Over 5,000 students from all over the world have graduated from the Europa-Institut over a time span of more than 60 years. Our graduates hold top-tier positions in European and international organizations, law firms, national governments and international companies. Many thank the Institute by later offering their services as highly-qualified lecturers.


LL.M. in One Year

The bilingual Master's program "European and International Law", which results in the attainment of the title Master of Laws (LL.M.), constitutes a unique and independent study program provided by the Europa-Institut of Saarland University. The mixture of lectures, seminars, interactive exercises, moot courts, language courses, communication skills training and discussions, specifically attuned to the curriculum content, allows us to offer an optimal combination of theoretic knowledge and practical application. No other German law-based Master's program has streamlined its curriculum so rigorously in order to meet the specific demands of the European and international job market as the program "European and International Law" offered at Saarland University.


Studying Europe – and the World

The composition of both our student body and our lecturers emphasizes the internationality of the Europa-Institut. Each academic year, renowned lecturers from all over the world teach students from over 40 different countries. This diversity of nationalities allows for a polyglot and cross-cultural environment that extends beyond the study program into our alumni organization, EVER.


Combined with our optimal learning environment - exemplified, inter alia, by our excellently equipped Library and the therein established European Documentation Center (EDC), which contains all official publications of the European Union - and the ideal location of the Institute in the border triangle France-Luxembourg-Germany, the Master's program "European and International Law" offers superb conditions for embarking upon a European career.


Supported by German Federal Ministries and the European Commission

The Europa-Institut qualifies as a model program for European studies and is actively supported by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology, the European Commission and the "Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft".

It distinguishes itself through its high educational standards, close contact and regular exchange of experiences with the institutions of the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Certified by the accreditation agency ACQUIN

The Europa-Institut of Saarland University has been certified by the international accreditation agency ACQUIN in line with the system accreditation of Saarland University. Subsequent to the submission of extensive documents to ACQUIN, the Europa-Institut was repeatedly examined by an independent and outstanding group of experts, ordered by the agency.


The program accreditation officially certifies that the Europa-Institut of Saarland University represents excellent research as well as high-quality education.


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