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Here you will have access to the full list of courses on offer during the semester specified. As well as listing all courses offered directly by the Europa-Institut, it includes those courses offered by Faculty 1 (Faculty of Business and Law) of Saarland University which students of the LL.M. program may officially partake in and which will count towards the credit point system of the Institute.


List of courses for the academic year 2016/2017


Weekly Calendar

You may also wish to consult our Weekly Calendar, which lists in detail which courses take place during which calendar week:


Note that you can choose freely between the courses offered here. Just be reminded that as a prerequisite for writing the Master's thesis you will have to successfully complete the study program by attaining at least 45 credit points. In order to attain one of the specializations in one of our Study Units and have this stated on the Master's certificate, courses corresponding to the particular unit of specialization, worth a total of at least 12 credit points, must be completed. You can choose a maximum of two special study units.

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